Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Try out Windows Phone 8 on your current Windows Phone device


  • Allows you to preview Windows Phone 8 live tile layout


  • Tiles can't be resized
  • Many tiles aren't integrated with your device

Not bad

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Apps > Tools & Utilities > General.

The Windows Phone 8 application is designed to simulate the functionality of the Windows Phone 8 operating system on a Windows Phone 7.5 device.

In particular, Windows Phone 8 replicates the behavior of the live tiles in Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

It allows you to preview the tile sizes of Windows Phone 8 and experiment with moving them around. However, there are no options for resizing live tiles, which is one of the big improvements in the actual operating system. This function is better replicated in W Phone 8, an application which feels more interactive than this one (though still pretty crude).

The app launches with a preset selection of live tiles, including Twitter, Google, Contacts, etc. While some of the live tiles in the Windows Phone 8 app provide web links or shortcuts to settings/apps on your phone, most of them are useless. For example, the Calendar and People live tiles use mock information and don't link to anything.

The Windows Phone 8 app offers an idea of what the real OS would like on your phone. However, it doesn't actually add any of the functionality of Windows Phone 8 to your existing device.

Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone 8

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  • Riccio Manty

    by Riccio Manty

    no i don't know.
    I think it because i like windows 8 and i want change my phone from android to windows..   More